Your Family’s Dental Care Near Deerfield, Plano, TX

Lutke Dental in Plano, TX, is always working hard to see that every Deerfield resident has good oral health with strong, beautiful teeth and healthy gum tissue. We have placed a big focus on preventing oral disease. We understand that by preventing oral issues from arising, you lower your frequency for restorative treatments like fillings or extractions.

Modern Dentistry Near Deerfield

We have the dental technologies patients need for an effective and comfortable dental experience. Whether you seek preventive treatment such as X-rays, sealants, fluoride treatment in Plano, TX, or dental education, we offer it to our patients.

Comprehensive Dental Services

We provide treatment to handle dental concerns before they get worse. We treat cavitated teeth with fillings, onlays or inlays, and crowns. Our dentist near you also offers scaling and root planing to tackle gum disease or periodontitis. Other restorative treatments include extractions, dentures, bridgework, dental implants, and orthodontics or braces.

Moreover, our dentists near Deerfield Plano, TX, relieve problems like knocked-out teeth, mouth bleeding, tooth abscess, lost or broken fillings, and orthodontics. We help your kids build and develop sound oral health from a young age.

Meet Dr. Gregory Lutke and his dental team near Deerfield for all your and your family’s dental treatments and procedures.

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