Meet Our Family Dentist Near Preston Pointe

Whether you want a tooth extraction in Plano, TX, or need a checkup of your teeth and gums, at Lutke Dental, we have invested in state-of-the-art dental technologies and have a qualified and caring dentist near Preston Pointe to care for your oral health. We offer comprehensive, individualized dental care.

We can handle each case differently because we know that no dental issue is like another. We also understand that preventing oral problems can help reduce the frequency and cost of restorative treatments. Our dental services include:

Restorative Treatments – If your tooth is cavitated, we provide dental fillings in Plano, TX. If a tooth is badly damaged, we may extract or remove it. Other restorative treatments include scaling and planing to fight gum disease and crowns to protect teeth.

Preventive Treatments – We do fluoride treatment, enamel sealants, and regular exams and cleanings in your area. Our preventive care ensures we stop oral disease and other dental conditions from arising.

Dental Treatments – We handle cases like tooth abscesses, broken fillings and orthodontics, and pulpitis or inflamed pulp that causes excruciating pain. We also treat knocked-out teeth.

Visit us today to discover what our dental clinic near Preston Pointe offers to our patients!

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