Your Family Dentist Near Towns of Chapel Hill

Are you seeking a reliable and honest dentist near the Towns of Chapel Hill? At Lutke Dental, we have a committed team to care for all your dental issues. Our dental practice prides itself on modern dental technologies and an experienced dentist. We focus on preventing dental problems so that you don’t have to undergo costly restorative procedures. Our services include:

Protective Dental Care – We do exams to catch dental issues early. Our dentist does cleanings to eradicate tartar and bacterial plaque that contribute to cavities and gum disease. We also offer sealants to cover the enamel. Additionally, we educate patients on maintaining excellent oral care at home.

Preventive Care – We do procedures such as root canal therapy, tooth extractions, fillings, crowns, scaling and root planing, and other treatments.

Cosmetic Care – Our dentist will whiten your teeth and provide braces or clear aligners to straighten misaligned bites. We also do veneer placements.

Emergency Dental Care – Whenever your teeth are knocked-out or your orthodontics break, you can visit us for immediate dental care. Our emergency dentistry helps relieve pain and handle serious dental issues that arise unexpectedly.

Visit Lutke Dental to find out the dental procedures we offer our patients.

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