Dental Fillings In Plano, TX

Dental Fillings In Plano, TX: One of the Most Common Procedures in Dentistry

You or a family member may be in need of a dental filling and wonder what exactly that will entail since you’ve never had one before. Fortunately, dental fillings are one of the most common procedures performed by family, general, and cosmetic dentists in Plano, TX, so there really is nothing to be concerned about.

The Primary Reason for Dental Fillings

A dental filling procedure from Lutke Dental is used to restore a patient’s tooth that has been damaged by decay. The purpose of the restoration is to bring the tooth back to its original shape and functionality so a patient’s oral health is not compromised. A quick way to reference the top three reasons for dental fillings are:

  1. They help restore a tooth that is decayed
  2. They help improve the strength of a tooth
  3. They help prevent the spread of decay to other parts of the tooth

Understanding the Old School Method of Dental Fillings

Many patients dread the thought of having a filling because they associate the procedure with the use of silver material. However, there have been many advances in dental practices and technology in recent years that now make it possible in certain instances for patients to receive tooth-colored fillings instead of the old-fashioned mercury fillings from year’s past.

What You Can Do to Prevent the Need for a Dental Filling

There are many things you can do to prevent the need for a dental filling. Of course, the standard oral care of brushing twice a day for two minutes each time, combined with flossing once a day is the most important practice you can adopt, but if you want to have added protection you can always add fluoride treatments into your oral health care routine. While there are at-home fluoride treatments available, Lutke Dental in Plano recommends that you receive professional-level treatment during your regularly scheduled dental exam or professional teeth cleaning.

Take a Proactive Step in your Dental Health Today

Rather than waiting until you need a filling, why not take a proactive step in your oral health care and prevent the need from presenting itself in the first place? Lutke Dental has convenient dental exam and cleaning appointments for even the busiest working adult. Make your appointment today to get started!

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