Crown Lengthening In Plano, TX

Crown Lengthening In Plano, TX

A crown is used to cover the tooth and protect it from damage or decay after a major dental procedure or injury has occurred. However, some patients may need crown lengthening done to fix a tooth when there is not enough of your natural tooth sticking out of the gum for a filling or crown to be placed. Lutke Dental works with patients to lengthen the crown, allowing crowns to be placed and fillings to be administered.

Why Would I Need Crown Lengthening?

There are various reasons for Crown Lengthening. Lengthening of the crown is usually done when patients have broken their tooth at the gum line or when a previous filling or crown has fallen off or out of the tooth. When this happens, there may be decay due to an improper fit, and the tooth will need to be more exposed for treatment to be administered. This is done by removing tissues and bone that can surround the tooth.


Preparing the Tooth

If your dentist recommends crown lengthening, the tooth will need to be prepared first. Your dentist will take x-rays and get your medical history before scheduling a date for the procedure. You may need a professional cleaning before your surgery, and the dentist may apply a temporary crown to the affected tooth.

How It Works

Your dentist will cut into the gums, pulling them away from the teeth and exposing the roots of your teeth along with the surrounding bone. The dentist may only need to remove a small amount of tissue, but in most cases, the bone will need to be removed as well. When enough of your tooth is exposed, the area will be cleaned and stitched together.

Crown lengthening has no set length, as it depends on how many teeth need crown lengthening. If your dentist has to remove bone as well as soft tissues, the procedure may take longer.

If your dentist recommends lengthening the crown, be sure to get as much information as possible and follow all instructions given to you before and after surgery to make sure your teeth heal successfully and quickly. To get an assessment of your dental crown or natural teeth, schedule an appointment at our office today.

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