Dental Anxiety & Fear In Plano, TX

Dental Anxiety & Fear In Plano, TX

There are hundreds of dental patients that fear the dentist and avoid their biannual dental appointments due to the anxiety experienced. It’s intimidating to see someone holding a drill and aiming for your face, but it is necessary to alleviate pain and discomfort you may be experiencing due to dental issues that are affecting your oral health. You may be surprised to learn this, but at Lutke Dental our primary focus in on how comfortable and relaxed you are in our office. This is why our staff is always friendly and aims to reduce your anxiety in any way possible, making your treatment painless, quick, and effective.

Overcome Dental Anxiety

There is nothing to be ashamed of if the dentist makes you feel anxious – you’re not alone. Many patients fear the dentist, but there are ways you can get through procedures and stay as calm as possible.

Talk – Communication is key when it comes to visiting the dentist. Let us know about your fears so that we can do everything possible to make you feel comfortable during your treatment.

Use music – Music can be relaxing and drown out the noises that cause fear or anxiety. Try bringing along headphones and listening to your favorite playlist during dental procedures.

Signal us – Your dentist cannot read minds, but communicating can get difficult while your dentist is administering treatment and you can’t move your mouth well. Agree on a signal with your dentist so that they know when you’re feeling uncomfortable and need a break.

Use throat sprays – If gagging is an issue for you, throat sprays can suppress the gag reflex for an hour or so, allowing you to get through your routine dental visit without discomfort.

Bring a mirror – One of the reasons patients do not like the dentist is because they cannot see what’s going on in their mouth. Bring your own mirror and use it to watch your procedure, letting you see the procedure and give your imagination a rest.

Visit Lutke Dental in Plano, TX to get treatment from a dental team that puts your comfort and safety at the forefront, calming anxieties and helping you fear the dentist less.

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