Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Plano, TX

Dental implants provide a reliable and secure method for replacing lost teeth. At Lutke Dental, these implants consist of small titanium posts that are surgically placed into the jawbone to act as artificial tooth roots. After they have healed and integrated with your bone, the implants serve as stable bases for replacement teeth, such as dental crowns. These crowns are individually crafted to blend seamlessly with your existing teeth, offering both aesthetic and functional benefits as replacements for missing teeth. Additionally, dental implants near you contribute to preserving your jawbone, which can deteriorate over time without the stimulation provided by tooth roots. Installing a dental implant to replace a missing tooth helps maintain your facial structure for the long term.

Why Get Dental Implants?

Restored Functionality

Implants mimic the functionality and appearance of your natural teeth, enabling you to chew, converse, and smile with assurance. In contrast to alternative tooth replacement solutions like dentures or bridges, implants are firmly embedded into the jawbone, offering a solid foundation that removes worries about them moving or slipping.

Long-Term Solution

Dental implants are crafted as a long-term solution for tooth replacement. With the right care and upkeep, they can endure for a lifetime, reducing the necessity for regular replacements or adjustments that other alternatives might require.

Preserved Bone Health

When a tooth is lost, the jawbone beneath may weaken over time because it no longer receives stimulation. Tooth implant in Plano replicates the roots of natural teeth, providing essential stimulation to the jawbone, which helps maintain its volume and density.

The Dental Implants Procedure

During your initial consultation, we can conduct a comprehensive examination to ascertain whether dental implants are the most suitable choice for you. We will also take X-rays to determine if enough bone structure is left to support the placement procedure. To be a good candidate for dental implants, the patient must have adequate jawbone density and healthy tissues. The bone may have deteriorated or shrunk if a patient has gum disease or a missing tooth for many years. In this case, we may recommend bone grafting procedures to build up the density of the jawbone before the placement of implants. Implants can be placed in just one single office visit, but multiple visits may be necessary to plan for the surgical placement of the implants properly. Once the implants are placed, we will attach temporary restorations to properly heal the jaw and surrounding tissues. Once the implants have completely healed, we will create custom porcelain crowns to place on top of the implants.

Dental implants are a highly successful solution for many patients who are missing one, several, or even all of their teeth. To learn more, visit our dental office near you.

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