Fluoride Treatment In Plano, TX

Fluoride Treatment In Plano, TX

Here at Lutke Dental, we will provide you with the best dental care in Plano, TX. We believe that fluoride treatments are one of the most effective agents that can be used in preventing tooth decay. Fluoride is a mineral found naturally in differing amounts in all water and food supplies. Scientists have studied the essential benefits of fluoride and their research has been supported by professionals and health organizations.

Fluoride can work in a couple of ways:

With topical fluoride, it strengthens your teeth when they have come through the gums. The fluoride seeps into the surface on the outer part of the tooth enamel, helping to make your teeth more resistant to any decay. One way we can get topical fluoride for our teeth is to use dental products that contain fluorides like mouth rinses, gels, and toothpaste. Lutke Dental and the dental hygienists usually will recommend that kids still get a professional application of liquid fluoride two times a year when they come in for regular check-ups.

The topical fluoride helps strengthen your teeth once they have come through the gums and by seeping into the tooth enamel through the outer surface of the tooth, helping to make your teeth enamel, making the teeth more resilient to decay. We can get topical fluoride if we use dental products that contain fluorides like gels, mouth rinses, and toothpaste. Your dental hygienists and dentist usually recommend when your kids get treatment of fluoride two times a year during check-ups.

Systemic fluoride will strengthen your teeth that came through the gums and the teeth developing under your gums. We pick up systemic fluoride by eating a lot of the foods we eat and in the community water sources we drink. Your dentist can prescribe it as a supplement in gel or drop form. Often, fluoride drops will be recommended for babies, and for kids, during their teen years, you can purchase in the form of tablets as the child grows. You must watch how much fluoride your child is taking, so they do not ingest too much. If they ingest more fluoride than required as their teeth are growing through the years, a condition of fluorosis might result; leaving white specks on their teeth.

A lot of folks get their fluoride from water and food, but there are times it is still not enough to stop decay. Your dental hygienist might tell you to use home and professional fluoride for the below reasons:

  • Sensitive surfaces on the roots of your teeth that are exposed
  • Poor to fair dental hygiene habits
  • Fissures and deep pits on the chewing sections of your teeth
  • Frequent carbohydrate and sugar intake
  • Inadequate intake of fluorides
  • Dry mouth due to medical treatments, medications, or medical conditions.
  • Recent issues with dental decay

It is important to remember that fluoride by itself cannot prevent tooth decay. It is still necessary for you to brush your teeth two times a day, eat balanced meals, reduce your intake of any sugar, floss regularly, and visit a dental clinic every six months.

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