Mouthguards In Plano, TX

Mouthguards In Plano, TX

If you’re getting into sports, a custom-fitted mouthguard should be on your list of essential items. Mouthguards are great protection from injuries to the mouth and teeth that are common to contact sports. Other sports, like mountain biking, skating, and the whole gamut of “extreme” sports also call for mouthguards. However, they’re also essential wearing if you grind your teeth during your sleep (bruxism). Bruxism wears down tooth enamel, contributes to temporomandibular joint disorder, and causes an uneven bite. Nightguards and bite splints are mouthguards made specifically for treating bruxism at night.

Generally speaking, three kinds of mouthguards for sports are available. Two of these types can be bought at department stores and online. The other type is a custom-made mouthguard from Lutke Dental in Plano.

What kinds of mouthguards are there?

Custom-fitted mouthguards, boil-and-bite protectors, and stock mouth protectors are the most common sports mouthguards.

  • Your best option will always be custom-made mouthguards. At your first visit, your dentist makes a precise mold of your teeth. That mold is sent to a dental lab where it is fabricated into a mouthguard that’s ideal for your teeth and bites. During your next visit to the dental office, your dentist will make sure the mouthguard fits perfectly.
  • Boil and bite mouth protectors can be purchased online or at sporting goods stores. They’re made of a thermoplastic that becomes shapeable when placed into hot water. Once the mouthguard becomes flexible, a person can make some customization to the fit by using their tongue and fingers to mold the guard. They are easier to use than stock protectors and offer a bit more protection.
  • Stock mouth protectors can be bought at department stores or online. They’re ready to wear out of the box. They’re inexpensive and easy to find. They aren’t very breathable, cumbersome, and cannot be adjusted.

Nightguards protect the teeth from being chipped and ground during nighttime episodes of bruxism. The grinding associated with bruxism can be so intense the teeth get chipped. Nightguards must be custom-fitted.

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