Partials & Dentures In Plano, TX

Partials & Dentures In Plano, TX

Are you missing any teeth in the mouth and looking for a way to replace them with something that looks and feels natural? If so, you should look toward Lutke Dental for full and partial dentures that replace missing teeth as well as the surrounding tissues. They look just like your natural teeth, enhancing your smile and allowing you to take pictures and speak confidently.

Partial Dentures & Complete Dentures

With dentures, you can get relief from some of the issues that come with missing teeth. There are two different kinds of dentures – partial and complete dentures. Partial dentures are used when some of your teeth are still in the mouth, filling spaces and prevent teeth from shifting out of alignment. Complete dentures are used when all of the teeth on an arch are missing.

Complete dentures can either be immediate or conventional. Immediate dentures can be placed right after teeth are extracted from the mouth, which allows patients to have teeth while they heal. Conventional dentures will require patients to go without teeth until the gum has healed, which can take several weeks.

Why Do You Need Dentures?

Patients may be recommended dentures for several reasons depending on the severity of tooth loss. Complete dentures are recommended when all teeth on an arch are lost. Partial dentures are used when teeth remain on the arch, filling in the spaces missing teeth and preventing existing teeth from shifting.

Dentures can also enhance the way your face and smile look, filling in areas that lacked structural support. They also make chewing, speaking, and digesting food more efficient. Your dentist is the only one that can recommend dental treatment for your oral health, so speak with a Lutke Dental professional for more information about how to handle your missing teeth.

When you get dentures, they will take some getting used to. However, your smile will be forever changed, and the difficulties you experienced with teeth in the past will be alleviated. If dentures sound appealing to you, call or visit our office in Plano, TX to schedule an appointment without a professional dentist to discuss dentures for your teeth.

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