Pediatric Dentistry In Plano, TX

At Lutke Dental, we pride ourselves in taking the oral health of our young patients as seriously as their parents do in Plano, TX. That’s why our goal is to protect the oral health of children with as much care and concern that their parents show them. One of our over-arching commitments is to not only educate young patients about all aspects of their dental health but to keep their parents included in the conversations, as well.

Monitoring Your Child’s Brushing Practices Is an Opportunity for So Much More

We hear from a lot our patients at Lutke Dental that their parents stopped monitoring their brushing practices once they reached school age. Although it’s perfectly natural to start to allow your child more independence as they grow up, we recommend that you take time to occasionally check-in with your child about their brushing and flossing techniques. Not only is this a good time to make suggested changes in techniques, but it also allows the opportunity for your child to open up about any dental concerns – such as toothaches or unexplained bleeding from the gums.

Give Your Child a Head Start for a Perfect Adult Smile

It’s not uncommon for parents to worry whether or not their child will have a winning smile as an adult — the same kind of smile that will open doors for them both personally and professionally. That’s why pediatric dentistry in Plano is so important. Following are some of the procedures that Lutke Dental can perform in the course of pediatric dentistry to ensure that your child will have every chance of success as an adult:

  • Risk assessment for cavities and guidelines for a corresponding treatment plan
  • Preventive oral care such as cleanings, fluoride treatments, and nutritional guidance
  • Support to break behaviors such as pacifiers and thumb sucking
  • Early repair of cavities with tooth-colored fillings and dental sealants
  • Treatment for dental injuries such as fractures or teeth that have been knocked out
  • Early oral diagnosis of conditions related to diabetes, asthma, and allergies
  • Evaluation and treatment plan for the straightening of teeth and bite correction
  • Assessment and management of gum disease
  • And more!

While the above list is by no means inclusive of every treatment that Lutke Dental offers for pediatric dental patients, we invite you to contact us with any specific questions or concerns that you may be experiencing.

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