Periodontics In Plano, TX

Periodontics In Plano, TX

Maintaining healthy gums is an essential part of overall oral health. When your gums are infected, known as periodontitis, harmful bacteria in your mouth build up and cover your teeth in a sticky film called plaque. This plaque causes an infection that initially damages your teeth and if left untreated can progress to an advanced stage where it begins to eat away the gums, eroding the gum line and causing gaps known as periodontal pockets.

Signs of Gum Disease

This is a serious condition and if not addressed can lead to loss of teeth and/or jawbone. The most common symptoms which may indicate a periodontal infection are:

  • gums being tender, red, swollen, or bleeding
  • chronic bad breath
  • teeth sensitivity/pain when eating or drinking
  • loose teeth
  • receding gum line/noticing teeth appear longer

Root Surface Debridement is the periodontal disease treatment used for gum disease. First, your teeth, gums, and entire oral cavity are deeply cleaned using our state-of-the-art dental equipment to remove all of the plaque and tartar deposits. Then, we smooth out the root surfaces of your teeth to help keep bacteria, tartar, or plaque from redepositing and causing further erosion of the gum line. After this procedure, your gums may be tender, swollen, or sensitive for a few days, and you may be prescribed an antibiotic rinse combat further infection. A follow-up appointment will be needed to ensure gums are healing properly.

If you are concerned about your gum health and worried you have a periodontal infection, or you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, please contact the expert periodontist at our updated office of periodontics Fairfield right away to schedule an appointment. Our dentist in Plano, TX, has 20+ years of experience in personalized care and an in-office membership plan to ensure you get the periodontal care you need.

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