Preventive Dentistry In Plano, TX

Preventive Dentistry In Plano, TX

Here at Lutke Dental, we work to provide you and your family with the best dental care in Plano, TX and the surrounding area.

At Lutke Dental, we know that life gets busy. We realize you might forget brushing your teeth a couple of days and skip flossing. Or it might be a while since you have seen your dentist.

Dental issues that go untreated can get more expensive and painful to fix the longer you wait. If you participate fully with preventive dentistry, here at Lutke Dental, we will be sure to catch your periodontal disease, tooth decay, and other issues quickly, and it can restore your oral health to what it once was as fast as possible.

Preventive Dentistry

Preventative Dentistry can range from essential services to those procedures that use some of today’s most recent technological advances. Some of the processes are:

Dental Sealants: An invisible coating of plastic that will fill any tiny groove in children’s or adult’s back teeth to prevent cavities from developing. Read more.

Fluoride: One of the earth’s minerals called the cavity fighter of nature. Fluoride can remineralize your teeth, making them more resistant to decaying and stronger. If you do not get enough fluoride in your drinking water or toothpaste, your dentist can put it on your teeth in the office.

Cleanings: It is where oral health truly starts. When you are drinking and eating something, you will find that some of the particles get stuck in-between and, on your teeth, and this can cause plaque buildup. Plaque can build up on your teeth and is a sticky film that contains nothing but millions of bacteria. If it is not removed, that bacteria it can turn those sugars in the food you eat into acids, and those acids will eat the enamel away on your teeth, therefore causing cavities. Our Dental team uses special tools that will be able to reach areas in your mouth to get rid of the tartar and plaque that the toothbrush cannot.

Oral Cancer Screenings: For some reason, oral cancer is still on the rise, and the quickest growing “at-risk” group is non-smoking adults who are under 50 years old. Since oral cancer is usually not seen with your naked eye until it has reached the advanced stages, our dentists here at Lutke Dental have a special imaging device that will be able to detect any cancer while it is at its earliest and most easily curable stage. Read more.

Mouthguards: The athletic type has been designed to distribute and absorb the force of impact and to minimize any injury to your mouth. The best mouth guards to use are custom-made by your dentist. Read more.

X-Rays: X-ray, radiographic, and examinations can give your dentist an important tool to reveal the condition of your roots, overall composition of facial bones, jaw placement, and health of your teeth. They can also help the dentist decide if you have periodontal disease and if so to what degree if there are any abscesses or any abnormal growths like tumors or cysts. X-rays will also show the precise location of your impacted teeth, any cavities, and whatever other problems that visually you may not be able to detect through the visual exam.

How You Can Prevent Dental Disease

Here at Lutke Dental, we are more than happy to work with you in keeping your smile beautiful and happy. Ask us about what tools and the techniques you should use at home to keep your teeth white and looking their best. Effective flossing and brushing will go a long way to getting rid of your dental plaque that is the responsible ogre for dental disease or losing teeth making it necessary for expensive treatments. Working together, we can help you keep your smile beautiful for many years.

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